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“Amazing staff with a wealth of knowledge! The whole office makes you feel welcome and comfortable with any treatment or therapy!” ~ Jessica K

“They are awesome always assist your needs above and beyond!” ~ Sue S.

“I worked with Ashley! I went in for pelvic floor therapy and received so much more! First of all, I brought in my baby with me because I’m a stay at home mom. They were absolutely thrilled to see him and talk to him! He is such a happy baby and he LOVED all the attention! So, 5 stars just for that! Then, I had a SUPER traumatic labor, childbirth and postpartum. She talked to me about it. I got to vent a little and she related to me so much. She is also a military wife with kids! It was so nice to have someone to talk to who absolutely understands what I’m talking about. Then, for the actual exam she was awesome! Made me feel comfortable, talked to me and explained the issues to me so I could understand them instead of just throwing nonsense at me hoping I would get it! It was the easiest exam I’ve ever had! 10/10 recommend this place! I am floored with how comfortable I was and how wonderful Ashley was! Thank you for being the person I didn’t know I needed!❤️😁” ~ Melanie H

“Thank you so much for the physical therapy on my shoulder. It has gotten so much better because of the work you and your staff have accomplished with it. I feel like a new man, thanks to you.”

“When my doctor first referred me to you, I had my doubts. I assumed I’d be needing surgery, with physical therapy merely delaying the inevitable. I was delighted soon after beginning therapy with you, experiencing rapid and major improvement. It only took a few sessions before I realized that surgical intervention wouldn’t be necessary.” 

“The expertise I have found at Hansen Physical Therapy far exceeded my expectations. I am in awe of your professional skills and knowledge. You thoroughly understood the therapeutic procedures for a torn labrum in my rotator cuff, used the best therapies, and taught me the appropriate exercises to ameliorate that problem.”

“The attitude among everyone at your facility is remarkable. From the therapists, to staff and receptionists, all were pleasant and upbeat at all times. Concern and care was not only shown within the specific therapeutic tasks, but for the entire person. I have never before seen such a high level of communication skill and attentiveness in any medical endeavor. “

“I heartily recommend Hansen Physical Therapy to anyone needing such help. It’s not only highly effective, but surprisingly, it is fun. The proficiency, friendly people, and pleasant surroundings combine to make Hansen Physical Therapy unparalleled.” ~ Brad B.

“My heartfelt thanks are extended to you and your amazing staff for such excellent and professional care these several months. I am grateful that, by pure chance – and perhaps fate – I was referred to your care to help me recover full functional range of motion in my shoulders.”

“From day one I was treated with professional courtesy and personal warmth from each person I met within the practice. You should be very proud of your facility and staff. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to your mission is apparent in all you and your staff do. It has meant a lot to me to know that everyone was working to help me achieve my goal. As a medical professional myself, I can say that each and every person at Hansen Physical Therapy has a gift and a calling for caring.” ~ Carla B.

“I would like to thank Hansen Physical Therapy for all they did to relieve the pain in my back after falling on the ice and bruising my ribs. They also showed me exercises to strengthen my back. All of the staff are very friendly, easy to talk to, and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring physical therapy.”  ~ Gary E.

“Thanks for getting me back in good shape. I feel stronger and more confident in my ability to perform my job. My shoulder is stronger than it has every been! Thanks again.”  ~ David G.

“I am very pleased with the improvement in my leg. I believe I exceeded the expectations of my surgeon from Mayo Clinic. I cannot rate my experience with Hansen Physical Therapy high enough.” ~ Ken T.

“Once again I must express my gratitude to you and everyone at Hansen Physical Therapy for helping me work my way to a more functional self. I have said it before but it bears repeating: You should be very proud of you facility and staff. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to your mission is apparent in all you and your staff do. I always felt that everyone was dedicated to helping me achieve my goals.”

“It is so good to feel better and to know that with this exciting baseball season upon us,I can enjoy watching my grandson play, be comfortable in the bleachers,chase after his 6-year-old sister at the ballpark, and just fully participate in this summer and the activities we all look forward to.It sounds so ordinary but it means the world to me.I extend my thanks to all of you at Hansen Physical Therapy!”?Carla B

“As a patient at Hansen Physical therapy I have had great results with
the dry needling therapy offered. I recently had an exacerbation of
lower back/hip pain with piriformis syndrome symptoms I have from time
to time. I have been to Hansen physical therapy in the past for this
issue, and the dry needling works very effectively at giving me not only
short but long term results. Within the first session, I had immediate
improvement and was able to return to my working out regimen within a
week. I noticed significant improvement after each session and the
pain/tightness has not returned to where I was when I began. I am so
grateful Ryan offers this modality as it has been answer to a problem
that many other interventions have been unable to improve for me.”- Ana R