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11 Barriers to Physical Activity, and How to Overcome Them

October 15, 2020
Back Pain

1. It’s too late to start, I’m too old, or I’ve been physically inactive for a long time. It’s never too late to get moving. According to a recent JAMA Network Open study, adding physical activity at any age has benefits. In addition to an increased life span, adding the recommended amount of physical activity for […]

National Physical Therapy Month

October 8, 2020
Back Pain

During National Physical Therapy Month in October, the American Physical Therapy Association encourages you to learn about the many benefits of physical activity. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services second edition of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, more than 80% of adults and adolescents do not get enough physical activity. Physical […]

9 Tips for Exercising in Winter Weather

December 19, 2019
Back Pain

Staying Fit When It’s Freezing When the mercury drops and icy winds are whipping about outside, it may be hard to leave the warm comforts of home and make yourself go for a jog. But working out during the winter doesn’t have to be a challenge with the right preparations and safety precautions, you can […]

9 Things Your Physical Therapist Wants You To Know About Aging Well

November 13, 2019
Back Pain

We can’t stop time. But with the right type and amount of physical activity, we can help stave off many age-related health problems and live life to its fullest. Physical therapists are movement experts who can help you optimize quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education. Here are 9 things physical […]

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Pelvic Pain

August 27, 2019
Back Pain

Pelvic pain is pain felt in the lower abdomen, pelvis, or perineum. It has many possible causes and affects up to 20% of the population in the United States, including women and men. Pelvic pain is considered “chronic” when it lasts for more than 6 months. Physical therapists help people experiencing pelvic pain restore strength […]

South Dakota?sTop Rated Top Rated Local? is pleased to announce that Hansen Physical Therapy is an award winner for physical therapists in 2019.

May 31, 2019
Back Pain

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Top Rated Local Top Rated Local? is pleased to announce that Hansen Physical Therapy is an award winner for physical therapists in 2019. If you are in need of physical therapy in Rapid City, look no further than this award-winning company! Hansen Physical Therapy has received many overwhelmingly positive reviews across three different […]

5 Signs of a Stroke

February 13, 2019
Back Pain

5 Signs of a Stroke A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked or ruptures. It is the third leading cause of death in the United States, and is a leading cause of serious, long-term disability in adults. Almost 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke each year. Stroke […]

3 Ways a Physical Therapist Can Help Manage Headaches

February 13, 2019
Back Pain

3 Ways a Physical Therapist Can Help Manage Headaches Headaches affect 47% of the global population and are described by the type and location of pain in the head. Many headaches are harmless and resolve gradually. However, more frequent moderate to severe headaches can impact your ability to do daily activities and quality of life.  […]

PT Techniques Used for A Pulled Back Muscle

October 30, 2018
Back Pain

A pulled muscle in your back is essentially a muscle strain injury. This can happen when you extend beyond your normal range of motion, make a sudden movement, or overstress your muscles without properly warming up. Pulled back muscles can also occur as a result of poor posture and muscle weakness or imbalance, so you […]

Physical Therapy for Pain

September 17, 2018
Back Pain

Physical Therapist Services for People With Pain Pain is a completely individualized experience, and it is one of the most common symptoms that may lead someone to seek the help of a physical therapist or other health care professional. In recent years, an alarming number of Americans have been prescribed opioids for pain relief. Because […]